Founded in 1971, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) publishes a quarterly magazine titled “Intelligence Report”, which is distributed at no cost to law enforcement agencies across the country. The SPLC has also produced six “training videos” for law enforcement that address issues such as extremism, hate crimes and, most recently, how to handle incidents such as the protest rally in Charlottesville, VA. The organization also offers free training to any requesting agency.

This all sounds like the SPLC supports law enforcement officers and wants to provide them with valuable resources to assist them in their jobs. However, SPLC may not champion law enforcement officials as much would be expected at first glance. Apparently, the SPLC is willing to “turn a blind eye” toward profane, bigoted and inflammatory statements against law enforcement officials for monetary gain.

The record label, “Refresh Records,” recently released an album titled “With Love – A Benefit for the SPLC,” with all proceeds from the album going to the SPLC. Additionally, Refresh Records has pledged to match the first $500. While this fundraising album doesn’t pose a conflict with SPLC’s mission, other music groups under the Refresh Record label certainly do.

Deep 6 Division, a rap group, are recording under the Refresh Record label as well. This group is due to release an album in December that features a song titled “F.T.P.”, (as in F*** The Police). A review of this record, which clearly states that Deep 6 Division are not “fans of the police,” can be found here. Further, one of the artists in Deep 6 Division, Rapper Shane, produced a song/video titled “Raw For Profit”. If there ever was a “training video” for how to conduct yourself at a riot and destroy police cars, this is it! View the video here.

Astoundingly, while SPLC touts itself as the premier anti-hate organization and designates organizations it has political disagreements with as “hate groups,” yet, it is profiting from “artists” that spew hate and encourage Americans to act against the very individuals sworn to protect and serve them. If SPLC truly puts their money where their mouth is, they would refuse to accept one penny from a company that represents so-called “artists” who are so clearly anti-law enforcement.

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