Organizations Mislabeled as “Hate Groups” by SPLC

SPLC Legitimate Organizations

The Federation for American Immigration Reform, Center for Immigration Studies, Californians for Population Stabilization and Immigration Reform Law Institute have all been designated Legitimate Organizations by Stop Politicizing Legitimate Causes (SPLC). These fine non-profit organizations are working hard to improve American immigration reform through compelling research and public education.  We’re showcasing these excellent organizations because of their unfortunate inclusion on the SPLC hate map. This site should be used as a resource for accurate information and an attempt to correct some of the inaccuracies circling the web. Click on the images above to learn a little more about each organization and what you can do to help!

SPLCauses is an organization tasked with the heavy burden of setting the record straight for non-profits who have been slandered by the infamous Southern Poverty Law Center. We monitor their “hatewatch” program regularly and work to correct their false claims and inaccuracies. While it is absolutely ridiculous that a “civil rights organization” would claim any legitimate organization that works to ensure a better American life is driven by hate, that hasn’t stopped Morris Dees and the rest of the SPLC. So here we are, fighting the good fight.

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