What is Our SPLC?

SPLC stands for Stop Politicizing Legitimate Causes. We are a task-force of concerned citizens protecting the reputations of slandered charities and non-profits from those who stand in the way of the constitutional right of free speech for honest Americans. Some of the causes SPLC supports include: Immigration Reform Law Institute, Federation for American Immigration Reform, Center for Immigration Studies, and Californians for Population Stabilization.

We all support new immigration reforms that do not discriminate towards any race, ethnicity, religion, creed, color or gender. We believe that individuals of all national origins should have an equal opportunity to immigrate to America, under responsible limits, but that those ultimately accepted and granted legal status should be based on merit and economic needs. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, research shows that 1.5 million new immigrants entered the US either legally or illegally in 2014 alone. While it’s nice to think that we could, the United States simply cannot accommodate everyone. Our infrastructure, economy, and environment can not sustain the impact of uncontrollable population growth. Facts like these can be a tough pill to swallow and a touchy subject for those involved, but reporting these facts does not warrant being labeled a “Hate Group”.

Stop Politicizing Legitimate Causes understands that there are hundreds if not thousands of malicious, hateful organizations operating across the US and the world. What we hope to accomplish is to clarify the difference between groups aiming to spread hate and fear into the hearts of millions and groups that are simply caught in the middle of a sensitive political issue but working every day to be self-aware and approach the issues with dignity and respect.


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